Picture Settings & Opportunites

So much of great picture-taking is not just who or what is in your picture, but where you take those pictures, and how far you take them.

It shouldn't be completely surprising that trying to capture more than one child at once can be a bit tough. Especially when they just want to go off and do their own thing, and you just want them to sit still!

I have found out within recent weeks that it can be a true joy to capture children as they are doing their own thing, and also quite possible to get some great pictures.

Just over a week ago, my great friend and sister-in-law, Kendra, was kind enough to bring her kiddos out to the counrty for some fun and pictures. I didn't have a strict plan in mind; in fact, I had only hoped to get some photos of the children experiencing and seeing things that they never had before.

I certainly did that and more!

I wish I could show some proof of the wonderful shots I captured, but my computer has crashed... As soon as it is well again, I shall put up some of the wonderful pictures I got of the kids just having fun.

Til then, here's a great shot of my daughter while she was playing outside:As you can see, she wasn't paying attention to me at all. But that's OK - I just love her expression and the fact that it doesn't look at all posed.

If you're photographing children in a very familiar setting, let them show you things... Their favorite toys, plants, whatever. If the kids are new to their surroundings, it will be a joy for both you and them to experience something new.

Many of the pictures I snapped were so fantastic, yet unplanned. I couldn't have planned pictures to look more amazing.

My point is, that sometimes we may want kids to do something a certain way (pose, stand, look, etc.) but I'm learning that it's even better to just let them have fun (to a limited degree, of course) and you'll often end up with even more fantastic photo opportunities.

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