Teaming Up

I once read from a wonderful, inspiring photographer... "This is why photographers hire other photographers to take pictures of their children!" (Referring to the faces her child was making in the photos that followed...)

Being a parent myself, there are times when I too want to hire out another photographer just to get a decent shot of the child! I just hate to fork over the dough... Isn't there a better way?

Of course there is! If I'm a photographer & a parent, I'm surely not the only one. The best thing to do is find someone like yourself and team up with them. "I'll take pictures of your kid if you'll take pics of mine...!"

Here's a perfect example of what I'm talking about: My Aunt is a WONDERFUL photographer. I cannot say enough about her and her work. And as no one always has their camera on them, the few times that we don't have our cameras are the times we seem to need them most. Which was the case this night...

My Aunt & her daughter came over to my sister's jewelry party. Meg was dressed in the cutest little dress... and my sister has one to match! The girls decided it would be so neat to get some photos in their matching outfits; I more than gladly obliged.

Afterward, I gave the memory chip to my Aunt. She downloaded them in a flash & gave the card back before I was even ready to go home... And this is what she did with the photos:

It was so wonderful to have these perfect, edited, wonderful pictures! And best of all, I didn't do any of the work. Let's face it - taking pictures of my sister & cousin is a blast and a blessing. My Aunt did all the hard work!

So even though this team is a bit lopsided (my Aunt's way too sweet in editing them all & sharing), teaming up with another photographer can be so beneficial to the both of you. Not just for a photo session, but for a friend in photography.

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