Pricing your Photography

One of the trickiest things to do is actually sit down and "price" your products. When someone books a wedding or portrait session, we have our list of packages & prices easily accessible. What about when someone asks for JUST the session price, and a-la-carte prices on pictures?

Before I actually began thinking about my pricing like that, I had not done the a-la-carte prices on individual pictures. Though I know many photographers who have, I personally hadn't.

Which begged the question for me: What's a reasonable price to ask from my customers, yet still make it worth my while & be able to profit?

Though I did take a look at some of the other photographers' prices around my area, I tried to provide figures that were reasonable for the customers, yet also reflected the high quality of my work & talent.

So what is the right amount to charge for a single 8x10 or 5x7? That is essentially up to you & the area in which you reside.

**Note - if you would like some help coming up with an amount that's right for you, I'll be more than glad to assist in research & give advice.**

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