Business Cards - A Must or a Bust?

We all know that business cards are a must in the typical business world, but what about in the photography business world?

With the Internet & word of mouth, it might seem silly to take on an extra expense of business cards that may never even get used. I mean, everyone in your town knows who the best-of-the-best is, right?


Believe it or not, there are people out there who don't even have the Internet; there are also people who have not lived in [your] town their whole life. Unless you live in a town of less than 50 people - all of whom you're related to - business cards can not only help your business, but they can even launch you into success.


1) Business cards that have a great design - attractive, creative, colorful, memorable, etc. - tend to be looked upon very highly.
2) Good cards will have all your essential information on them. Clear & concise information on your business cards makes you easily-accessible in many ways (web page, email, phone, etc.)
3)Your card can be in the right place at the right time (bulletin boards, tables, desks, even wallets)

Remember: quality is the first & foremost important thing about your cards. Don't just go out & get the cheapest, easiest design for your cards that you can find. And by all means, please - do not print them out yourself just to save a couple of bucks. Getting high quality, attractive business cards at a very reasonable rate isn't hard to do at all.

Not having business cards won't necessarily make or break your Pro endeavours, but having them could make it a whole lot easier to break away from your competition and really make it big.

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