Creativity & Finding Your Niche

Being creative is definitely one of the most important aspects of being a photographer. There are just so many photographers out there - amateur and professional - that if you want to succeed, you have got to find a creative niche.

That niche can be within the style of the pictures you take, or it can be in the way you edit your pictures. It can even be within the types of pictures you take (wedding, sports, protraits, families, etc.) Though I know it can be very tempting to want to do a bit of everything, most photographers begin their path to success through just a few things that they do really well.

I know of someone who wanted to get in to not just photography, but also videography - for sports, weddings, events, etc. But with only two people trying to get photos and videos, he quickly found that it was extremely overwhelming. To just take on the many different events was hard enough, but it was nearly impossible to do everything. (Much less to do it all well)

And that's what we all need to remember. Don't try to take on too much. Instead, utilize your creativity, and find your niche. Figure out what you do really, really well; hone and market yourself to that particular area. That is your best chance for success.

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