When Tri/Mono pods are a Must-Have

In the photography industry, there are times when you cannot get around the need for a tripod or monopod.

What are the differences between the two? Besides the obvious difference of the tripod having 3 legs, and the monopod only one, there are several other ways these pods differ.

Monopods cannot be left unattended like the tripods, but monopods are a bit easier to maneuver. Tripods can also be a bit more expensive. But honestly, it's great to have one of each.

For weddings when flying solo, I recommend to always bring an extra camera or two. One of those extra cameras can be set upon a tripod with a slightly different view than my own. By using a remote, you gain another photographer specializing in the wide angle views.

By using a wide-angle lens zoomed out for a great overview, you don't have to worry about cutting a head off or trying to capture just one person. And with a high mega pixel SLR, you will be able to crop in on these pictures as well.

Monopods are great to keep on you at weddings. Some officiants object to flash photography during the ceremony, and the only way to get even half-decent shots inside in this case is with a monopod or tripod. Monopods are just much easier to carry around.

Other uses for mono & tripods include long exposure photography, night-time photos, rain, and snow. Here, I have some examples of night-time snow pictures:
Though brightened up a bit with photoshop, these shots were all taken with a monopod as I walked around our neighborhood one snowy night last winter.

Some turned out better than others...
Even with a monopod, it's impossible to get picture-perfect shots every time.

When pictures are plagued by a bit of shake despite our best efforts, there is still hope for helping them...
Not a bad picture, but not really a good one either...

Adjusting the levels is a very easy quick-fix that can help the imperfections
And turning the photos into black & white (aka - desaturating the images) will mask many imperfections.

For a neat twist, try "fade desaturate" under the edit section after desaturating. You may find that you like the pictures even more with the faded color.

No matter what, your pictures will always stand a much better chance at night - and many other times - with a tripod or monopod.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

I have to admit when I first started out I hated tripods but now will use them every chance I can.