Scheduling Posts

One of the hardest things to do when maintaining a Photo Blog is to have regularly written posts over the course of weeks or even months. That was definitely one of my hardest obstacles to overcome once I started my Photo Blog.

Even if you're not interested in attracting a readership - if this blog is totally for yourself - you still need to maintain some type of regular posting. When writing for others, obviously they want fresh, new content on your blog almost every day they stop by.

For yourself, it's more of a matter of holding yourself accountable to see how far you've come. Without any posts in months, it's sometimes hard to see where you've come & if you're headed in the right direction.

A lifesaver for my Photo Blog has been "scheduling posts." When writing or publishing photos, I just click the "Post Options" and place a future date and time as to when I'd like the post to actually go up.

I do my posts about a week in advance (sometimes more or less), but that takes pressure off trying to get a new post published just before bed every night. And if there are days that I have the time to do an extra post, it's just icing on the cake.

Another thing I do is only schedule my posts Monday through Friday. Though sometimes I might sneak in something on the weekend, I know it's not something I hold myself accountable for. I am trying very hard to maintain my Monday through Friday postings though. And scheduling my posts has made this remarkably easy.

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Perry said...

Great work on your site. Took me a minute to figure out what SOOC means, and I am guessing "Straight Out Of the Camera". I always give myself bonus points for getting the shot right SOOC but I don't fret over it. When I had a wet darkroom I never prited an image that was not manipulated in some way.....dodged/burnt/cropped or even selective focus on occasion. Ansel Adams never printed SOOC so why should I? :-) You have a great site though and lots of great information. I also like your strategy of advance preperation. Very wise. Now if *I* could only do that but I would need a time machine! The photos I post are taken the day of posting. I'm thinking of changing that after I have completed a year's worth of photographs and have many ideas. I may even add a little of what you do here with technique and back story. THANKS!!!