Photo Blog Benefits

Having a Photo Blog is important in so many ways. For work, play, photo shoots, editing techniques, and of course blog posts. I began my Photo Blog after some inspiration & a kick in the pants from one of my most admired photographers: Natalie Norton.

Though it was very tough for me at first, I can now say that it's something I truly enjoy doing.

When I first began this Photo Blog, I didn't know what to write or post about... I didn't know if I should include more pictures or information... All the uncertainty and questions I had found me retreating to the safety of posting nothing (rather than risk putting up something that would be looked down upon)

I soon realized that if I was avoiding posting based upon possible negative responses, I had started this blog for all the wrong reasons. When you start a Photo Blog, never forget why you create it. I created my Photo Blog to help others (by giving advice & ideas) and to challenge and better myself (as a photographer and a person).

To me, one of the most essential parts of a photo blog is that it can help others - and even yourself. By publishing free photography information for others, it also helps me. These posts give me refresher courses on skills that I learned long ago, and I get to learn even more when I do a bit of research on my topics before publishing.

So, what should your Photo Blog contain? Whatever you want it to. Photo Blogs should be as different as each of us are. Though it's nice to take suggestions or ideas from other Photo Blogs you may like, just make sure you make it your own.

Maintaining a Photo Blog is a great way to show off your talents, share information, attain & maintain relationships with other photographers, and much more. Still not sure if you should or how to get started? Take a look on Natalie Norton's Photo Blog for some fantastic inspiration - and even a kick in the pants if you still need it.

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