Before and After with Actions

Many of you may be familiar with Photoshop and know there are almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to editing pictures. I have just recently discovered actions and the time-saving amazing ways they can transform photos.

The next couple of pictures have had nothing more done to them than a couple of simple - and FREE actions. Did I just say free actions?! Yes I did. I got them from the WONDERFUL Pioneer Woman's photography section of her website. Feel free to download them for yourself here. I'm sure she won't mind sharing them even more.

Actions can save hours and hours when it comes down to picture-editing time. By reading, learning, and even playing with current actions you may have, you may eventually get brave and creative enough to make your own actions. With following pictures, I used the Fresh & Colorful on both. I also used the Quick Edge Burn

^--Before and After--v

^--Before and After--v

See what a huge difference actions can make? I look forward to sharing more action tips, information, and before & afters.

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