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Though I am definitely not the first & foremost when it comes to wedding photography, I would love to share the information I do have and know...

I recently put up a response in a forum over at Digital Photography School saying that I would love to share a wedding checklist and a short wedding questionnaire. A kind gentlemen actually offered to copy them over to Google Docs for me - I had no idea such a thing was even out there, so I shall be forever grateful to him. For those of you out there who could like to have them as well, feel free! (Just click on each one for the Google Docs link)

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Questionnaire

And here is other wedding photography advice I have that might be of use...

First off, it's great idea is to have an extra [fully charged] battery with you at all times - especially for the wedding, of course. Do you have another digital camera by any chance? Even if it's not a DSLR,it's good have a 'back up' for the big day. Imperfect pictures are still better than no pictures at all! And I'm sure many of you already know this, but 'grainy' pics make a world of difference in black & white or sepia. Plus brides love to have at least a few pictures in this style - I know of those who (by choice!) don't have one color pic from their wedding. If you don't have another digital camera, chances are that a fairly close relative does. Better yet, recruit a slightly-younger family member of yours to help! That awkward-stage niece, nephew, cousin, etc. would be PUMPED that you want his/her help & expertise! Plus you will hopefully have 2 chances for a lot of shots.

It's very important to maintain your own style (even if you're still developing it), while also 'bending a bit' - so to say -for their style. And let's be serious, here - by 'their' style, I mean HER style! As we all know, the wedding is all about the bride! You may already know her 'style' without even realizing it. Is she shy & reserved? Outgoing & talkative? The photographs from her wedding day should reflect pieces of that, as well as the absolute beauty of the day.

Something I really wish my wedding photographer would have focused more on was ME that day. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, because I was the center of attention for the whole day! But there weren't any 'little details' from the wedding that I SO dearly wish I had... Pics of the rice packets, each individually hand-wrapped; pics of my bridesmaids doing my hair, makeup, and dressing; a close up of The Kiss & placing the rings on each others hands - Sadly, I didn't get any of those shots. In fact, I didn't even get very many pictures of 'just me'. Never underestimate how important the bride is in her own eyes - even if she'd never admit it to anyone!Be sure to focus on something you know she loves about herself (eyes,lips, hair, back, or legs) in at least a few pics. She'll be very grateful for them in the future.

Be sure in at least several photos that you get FULL frame pics - don't cut off anyone's feet. In fact, take a few random shots OF feet! Whether it's during the vows, or during the dance - get a few tootsies & toes shots.

Another thing I can think to tell you is DO NOT BE AFRAID. Tell everyone where you want them exactly. Tell Bob to point his toes in (Ack! Quit standing like a duck! I hated those shots in my wedding pics!) If your voice doesn't carry, recruit help here! We were lucky to have microphones at my wedding... but if you don't have access to one, get someone [mature - so people will listen] who has a voice that carries well. Anyway, make sure you're very clear on where everyone needs to be, and how posed. Make sure 'little bitties' are all in check too (background stuff/people out of the way, hairs in place - not in face, etc.)

Also consider 'staking out' or doing research on the ceremony & reception locations before the wedding if possible. You'll be able to get a better idea of what will & won't be possible in terms of poses,backgrounds, etc. Plus it's a great way to get yourself familiar & comfortable with where you'll be shooting...

That's all for now, but as I learn more I will in turn share with you all as well - happy shooting! Much love and God Bless!

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