Color Photo Restoration

Today I'm featuring another photo restoration, but this time we have color involved. This can be a benefit, but sometimes it's also more of a challenge depending on the condition of the picture itself. Luckily with this picture, it was in great shape. (Another FYI - this is a picture of me. Again, no image stealing. I think I was about 1 and a half or 2 at the time this pic was taken)

Really not a bad picture at all
It could be improved with some very simple photoshopping.

After brightness/contrast and levels were adjusted.

Makes it look like a brand new picture. But we can still do more...

Making parts of the picture in color and the rest in black & white can be done on any image - as shown here.

Total time involved: less than 10 minutes. How long this picture will now be around & enjoyed: potentially forever.

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