Holding myself Accountable...

What a great idea from Natalie Norton over at Pics & Kicks! This is a great way to (hopefully) make sure I get everything on my to-do list done this week. I'll come back & strike though each one as I accomplish it. I may add more, too. Especially if I happen to get everything done by like Wednesday (HA! If only...!)

Goals & Gotta Do's:
~ Finish editing & burn pics to CD of ice-skating event for my mom's work
~ Laundry! Fold & put away what's already done & keep up on laundry throughout the week
~ Do bills & work up this month's budget
~ Print out b-day pics from Livia's party & get out thank you's.
~ Do at least one post/day in my photo blog on photo editing
~ In photo blog, feature at least one post of my photography - not just editing techniques
~ Look into the blogs, forums, and workshops an absolutely wonderful photographer recommended to me

Hopefully, I'll be able to knock all this out with absolutely no problems! Much love to you all and God Bless!

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Kendra said...

Ya know I seriously have to do this myself at home and at work and it works for me! To see and be able to check it off really helps. We are simply two peas in a pod! lol