Wonderful Photography Websites

There are SO many wonderful websites out there for photographers. Whether you're interested in learning about your camera, photo editing techniques, or maybe you're even wanting sell your work - there's something photography-wise out there for just about everyone! - Many things under her products section cost, but there are also FREE photoshop actions and other advice. Really, really useful information & teachings, but unfortunately time consuming... She also has a blog: ( and I would definitely sign up for her monthly newsletter - SO much useful info packed into it. - Absolutely WONDERFUL website dedicated to paying it forward to other. Lots of actions, templates, and the like on a regular basis, but also great interviews, articles, & advice. This website is what prompted me to create this one. I wanted a way to pay it forward as much as I could as well.
OK, so it's technically aimed at us camera-wielding, picture-obsessed Moms... But there's a lot of great info there for any photographer. Plus, sign up for the newsletter - more monthly tips!
- My absolute favorite learning blog. It's also the blog that prompted me to offer the Wedding Checklist & Questionnaire in the previous post.

And of course, there are several community-type websites out there that can really be great tools in learning and sharing information. - Absolutely free website to host your pics, and a place to buy & sell work. More importantly, there's a lot of GREAT advice and many groups on there that may give you great ideas for what you want to focus on. Plus, when you put your own work up, you'll be amazed at the comradery and support you'll get there. - Another website much like RedBubble. It's "a photography community that includes forums, reviews, and galleries for members and casual viewers."
- At, "you can share photos, read articles, participate in forums, browse product reviews, and buy digital cameras, photographic equipment, or stock photography."

There are so many other wonderful communities of the like out and about on the World Wide Web, but you'll want to limit yourself to just a couple, since there are only a certain number of hours in each day!

If I may also make another suggestion, sign up for a service like Bloglines to keep up with all the various blogs you're inevitably accumulating. That's how I keep up on all the blogs I love so much! Many times, I'll just read the most recent post within the Bloglines website itself. I'll still click over to comment and read entire articles if they're not shown in their entirety under Bloglines.

Bloglines is super great, because it tells you when someone has posted something under their blog. It saves countless hours and frustrations on checking for new blogs that aren't even a sure thing. Unfortunately, Bloglines won't really help you keep up with the community-type websites I mentioned.

Finally, as I mentioned in the previous post, PLEASE let me know if I've left something out here. I'll be adding all these links to my sidebar, plus a few more for inspiration & information. Like I said, tell me if there's something you think should be included on the sidebar. Be sure to check out the ones listed! Much love and God Bless

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